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Cultural and social activities

Fundraising events celebrating diversity, organizing charity dinners, events, conferencing, sponsoring and organizing football for youth, cultural Arts and crafts events. Arrange cultural seminars. Establish humanitarian research centre.

  • Muslims4peace – no violence in my name project

MCA recognised that many young Muslims in the community sought to make their voices heard in the chaos of our time at local mosques, community groups and student union groups we attended. As Islam the word itself means peace, we started printing off thousands of ISLAM=PEACE NO VIOLENCE IN MY NAME flyers for each event and began to distribute them amongst peers at those events and at peace rallies or peace vigils. Feedback revealed that many thanked us for our efforts and stated that they were happy to be provided with something that expressed how they felt

  • interfaith events

MCA believes that interfaith events ensure positive integration, provides a platform for mutual cultural awareness and appreciation for each other’s faith groups, we have visited various interfaith events, organized peace vigils with IUS (Islamic Unity Society) and actively participated in any interfaith events that have taken place. MCA via its Muslims4peace project has also attended the following protests against ISIS and distributed the following posters via its network (utilising MCA resources: volunteers and mailing lists